What’s missing from this picture of the Xerox 914?

Xerox 914 image

Choose the best answer:

A. Someone to operate this copy machine

B. A user friendly touch screen

C. Several reams of blank paper

D. A fire extinguisher

F. Someone’s bare behind on the copier glass


The correct answer:

D. A fire extinguisher

Introduced in 1959, the Xerox model 914 was the first commercially successful plain paper copier. Because it had a tendency to overheat and catch fire during heavy use, Xerox shipped the 914 with a “scorch protector” which was, in reality, a small fire extinguisher. Consumer advocate Ralph Nader had one in his office which he claimed caught fire three times in four months.

The 914 was given this model number because it was able to copy documents up to 9″x 14″. Measuring 42″ high × 46″ wide × 45″ deep, and weighing in at about 650 lbs, it was rated to produce 100,000 copies per month. Copy speed was one copy every 26.4 seconds, or 136 copies/hour

Pricing was structured to encourage customers to rent rather than buy . The monthly rental in 1965 was $25.00 per month while a purchase would set you back $27,500.

In spite of its size, weight, and its tendency to burst into flames, the Xerox 914 was loved by the people who used it because it was complex enough to be interesting to use but fairly simple to learn to operate.

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