Epson WF-C20590 100ppm

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Epson WF-C20590 100ppm

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It is widely thought in the copier industry that INK JET technology, yes INK JET, will eventually take over laser/LED market as the dominant source for the office copier segment.   WOW, that is quite the paradigm shift isn’t it?   There are several factors why INK JET has been held back in the office copier segment, one factor being high priced ink.  Epson has changed, and will continue to change that perception with their new Precision Core technology.  The Epson WF-C20590 will revolutionize the industry just as digital vs analog did roughly 2 decades ago.    Imagine, no more imaging units, no more fusers, no more drums, no more charge wires, no more, etc, etc…   With the Piezo electric printhead, not thermal, that spans the entire width of the document, high quality prints (600x2400dpi) are now able to be produced at 100 pages per minute!  Pricing on this Ink jet technology will be a fraction of what a similar speed, color laser machine will cost.

To go even further, the RISO machines (high speed digital duplicators) that populate most of our schools nationwide, may become a thing of the past.  The Epson WF-C20950 has already been dubbed the “RISO Killer” by many.  The Epson WF-C20590 costs less and has similar costs to run, not to mention ease of use for the Epson WF-C20590 vs the RISO.    This is such a new technology in the office space (less than 1 year in the US) that we still don’t know how much it has disrupted things.

Epson has other machines such as the WF-C17590, offering 75 pages per minute speed and the remarkable WF-C869R that has 84,000 yield ink packs…yes…84,000 yield ink packs.  Few laser production machines running $40k-$150k have toners that offer that capacity.

We could go on…but then we would be bragging.  Suffice it to say that INK JET is here to stay and EPSON is leading the way.

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