Bizhub c3350 BRAND NEW

$3,400.00 $1,700.00

Bizhub c3850fs BRAND NEW


This model along with 6 others was just purchased all new in box from a dealer in hardship.

Options Included:
Fast Scanner
35ppm Print/Copy


Machine is new!
Call or text now for more info: 435 862 1446

More Info/Specs is a Division of

Steamroller Copies


Bizhub c3350 model was purchased on a very special deal with 6 others that are all new in box.  We have 6 Konica Minolta Bizhub c3350brand new.  These c3350’s new are over $3000 each typically.  The Bizhub c3350 prints and copies at 35ppm and scans almost the same speed.  There is a fax kit included with this model as well as an INLINE STAPLER FINISHER for your convenience. has been a trusted Konica Minolta dealer for over 10 years and our parent company, Steamroller Copies, has been a trusted business in Southern Utah communities for 25 years.   Buy with confidence from a trusted source, buy from Copiers4sale.



At we do not only deal with customers in our immediate area, we sell and set up customers with service plans all over the USA.  We have forged relationships with key entities around the country in order to bring you the nicest, cleanest, top of the line copiers and printers that are in like-new condition.  We at feel that when you purchase or lease a new piece of equipment, you are overpaying on a machine that will quickly depreciate as soon as you “drive it off the lot”.   Granted, we do sell and lease new equipment for our valued clients if that is what they need, but in most cases this is our philosophy:

If you could buy a late or current model car or truck with 3,000 miles on it, and you were offered the same warranty as if new, but it was HALF THE PRICE…why would you not do that?  This is the unique approach that we take when selling or leasing copiers in St George, Selling or Leasing Copiers in Southern Utah, Selling or Leasing Copiers in Hurricane Utah, Selling or Leasing Copiers in Mesquite Nevada, or selling or Leasing Copiers in Utah.


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