Compatible toner cartridges for copiers and printers.

First things first:

Typically, we try to find toner for our customers made by the original equipment manufacturer (O.E.M.) and sell it at a price lower than you might find a big box store or elsewhere. If the OEM products are unavailable we will turn to some trusted manufactures of compatible toner cartridges.

There’s a bit of confusion around what you get when you buy a toner cartridge made and sold by a company other than the original manufacturer. In order to simplify things, let’s put these cartridges into three categories; refilled, remanufactured, and compatible.

The break down:

Refilled toner cartridges are essentially that, refilled. Components inside may have been inspected and replaced. Since keeping cost as low as possible is the primary consideration, only essential repairs are completed. After maintenance, the cartridge is cleaned, toner is added, and it’s re-boxed and sent back into the market place.

Remanufactured toner cartridges undergo inspection to determine if any of the parts are damaged or malfunctioning. While certain components are routinely replaced, most of the original parts remain. The cartridges are restored back to good working order, tested, refilled, and resold.

Compatible toner cartridges are brand new products. The cassette and all parts and components have never seen the inside of a printer or copy machine. They are as close to the original product as possible without infringing on the OEM. patent and/or copyright. These cartridges are generally the most reliable choice of the three options listed here and can still be purchased at a fraction of the cost of the OEM. toner cartridge.

No cartridge is perfect. Fortunately, the manufactures of compatible toner cartridges we sell guarantee their product to us. If you have a problem with a cartridge it’s easy to get a replacement for you quickly. Still, it makes sense to always have a spare on hand just in case there is a problem or to keep from running out in the middle of a project.

So, if need toner for an HP, Sharp, Xerox, Kyocera, Canon, NEC, Lexmark, Brother or any other brand of printer or copier, give us a call. We’ll do our best to help you explore all your options, save money, and get excellent results.

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